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 Individual portrait session fee – $150.00 which includes: one hour long photo shoot, on-location shooting, wardrobe changes if desired, online viewing.

Additional add-ons such as CD of edited images, prints, canvasses and albums are available for purchase.  


How to Choose the Right Photographer

Your photographer will be one of the most important choices you make. They will be one of the professionals who you need to deal with the most on the day and will be recording the event to give you memories and a record of everything else that you have arranged. Make sure you feel comfortable with them and their work. Check their photographs from other shoots and look for quality and consistency.

Make sure they are qualified and experienced. Ask for testimonials from past customers. Weddings are a high pressure type of photography, things happen quickly and the photographer only has limited time and little control. Therefore they need to be able to stay calm and get things done efficiently.

The photography style is important, and don't expect a photographer to be able to change their style just for your event. There can be a lot of difference between photographers with some taking a more informal approach and others aiming for a more contemporary or fashion look. Consider what style you prefer and how much time it will take to get the type of photographs you like. An engagement shoot is a fantastic way to get used to being in front of the camera, getting to know your photographer, and gives you an opportunity to have some great casual shots of you as a couple.

The personality of the photographer is important; they should be friendly, polite, calm and efficient. As well as getting great photos for you they need to be able to help you enjoy the day, organize groups and be polite to your guests.

Price is always a factor, make sure you know what it is likely to cost once you include things like albums and prints. I recommend going for a photographer who has flexible options so that you aren't tied down to fixed packages. Once you have selected your photographer, discuss with them what you are looking for and what photos are most important to you. If they provide a guide to the photographs tick off those that you want and put any additional ones you require.

On the day of the event, do make suggestions and remind them of things that are important to you. If you have selected a good photographer, they will be willing to listen and work with you to get the photographs you want.


 Sample Contract


714/206-0955 Bridget Casas, Photography

This Photography Services Agreement is dated _____________________, by and
between Bridget Casas (Photographer) and
________________________________________________________ (Client), together
as “parties.”

The Parties agree as follows:
1. Services: Photographer will perform the photographic services described as
While performing the Services, Photographer shall be aware of and abide by the
following restrictions.
While performing the Services, Photographer will use her own equipment.

2. Time of Completion: Time is of the essence. The Services shall begin on
________________ (date), for the event of ______________________________
located at _________________________________________________________.
Photographer is expected to arrive no later than ___________________ and
conclude at _________________. Photos will be displayed no later than _______
hours after the event concludes on photographer’s website. Photographer will
provide to client a DVD of the files no later than ____________ after the event. If the event is a wedding, 
it is an uncontrolled event and there is no guarantee on the delivery of any specific image or images.

Any other services or products that are requested by the client will be dealt with
separately on another document.

3. Payment: Client shall pay Photographer for the Services the sum of
$_________. 50% deposit due at the time this contract is signed, and the
balance on the day of the event. I cannot confirm the date until deposit has been
received. Deposit is non-refundable.____________(Initial)

4. General Provisions: All work will be completed in a professional manner.
Photographer is not an employee of the Client. This agreement cannot be
assigned by either party, unless they agree in writing. There may be occasions
when the Photographer will need an assistant to handle some of the set-up,
photos, etc. There is no extra charge to the client.


As your photographer for this special event, I will do the best of my ability. I will be
respectful and courteous to your family and guests and I will always present myself as a
professional. This also applies to any one I have assisting me. I certainly cannot
guarantee that you will like all of the photos I take. I will do my best to fulfill all of your
requests. You will need to make me aware of anything special you need photographed.
This is the reason that, for any special event, we have a meeting before hand to discuss
your needs and wants. Please plan ahead and have notes for this important meeting.
We allow the photographer to exhibit images from this event as an example of her work
for other photographic opportunities. _____________ (Initial)

The Parties have executed this agreement on this day and their signatures below are
proof of this.

Client(s): Photographer:

_________________________ _____________________________
Signature Signature


_________________________ _____________________________
Date Date

Please provide your contact information below:
Names: E-Mail Address:
_________________________ _____________________________
_________________________ _____________________________
Home/Work Address: Phone Numbers:
_________________________ _____________________________
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